Having established your brand, it’s essential for you, your teams and your customers to understand it, believe in it and protect it. 
Whether you’re going through a change, a refresh or taking a moment to celebrate your culture, we’ll help bring your brand to life in a meaningful way.


Creating a connection

Mondelez is the food giant that came out of Kraft’s merger with Cadbury. An important part of that evolution was to begin visibly blending the company’s many different brands and bringing them to life for the newly-merged workforce. 
We designed, printed and installed a series of giant boards across all of Mondelez’s UK offices - making sure everyone felt connected with the whole portfolio and not just the brands they were used to.  

Your brand in a nutshell

Sadly ‘You just can’t see the wood for the trees’ is a phrase that can be applied to many brand guidelines.
We create concise, practical guides, with examples employees can easily relate to and apply. Prompting greater consistency in the use of brand elements and a higher level of engagement in your brand. After all, nobody wants a call from the ‘brand police’.


Within your brand

Bringing your initiatives to life with their own distinct identities helps them stand out in busy communication environments.
We create identities that feel like natural fits inside your brand.

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