A great design doesn’t just make something look pretty, it makes it make sense - and one solution certainly doesn't fit all.

We'll design the right solution that brings your message to life. Making it clearer, more engaging and more effective.


Be you be Wagamama

Wagamama’s brand is all about individuality and fun. So, when they asked us to develop an induction pack, we knew it couldn’t just be a wirobound book. ‘Getting started’, a distinctive wooden box, filled with interactive tools to get new recruits up to speed and engaged as quickly as possible: films, flashcards, hands-on activities and games. Everything you need to get new starters connecting with their inner Wagamama...

John Lewis onesie

Every business faces the challenge of translating complex, multi-layered business strategies into a story that’s meaningful and engaging for the people who need to deliver it. John Lewis is no exception. We used the ‘onesie’ as a visual hook to bring all the different strands of the partnership’s strategy together in one place, condensing a 60-page business plan into something everyone could get.


Tesco Kill Spill

Tripping and slipping accidents cost Tesco millions of pounds a year - so we introduced Kill Spill as a way to engage people with better working practices. The bright cartoon imagery and light tone of voice are the perfect antidote to the usual earnest health & safety messaging - and proved an immediate hit with colleagues. Within six months of the campaign breaking, accidents in Tesco stores were down by 17%.

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